Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hands #139

I wanted to share some more pictures from the Port Medway cemetary. In the 1800's the literacy rate wasn't that high so it was popular to put symbols on the headstones. One often sees clasped hands or a hand pointing to heaven. I noticed a number of hands pointing sideways. These seemed to be the headstones of wives . The fingers were all pointing to the husbands tombstone. Victorian wives must not have had a direct connection. I probably should say no more on this topic.
I did however notice another hand which stopped me in my tracks. This one was pointing downward.....


  1. This is so interesting. I would like to do some research on the dude with the downward destination.
    Great composition on all of these photos.

  2. I would not have noticed the pointing image if you had not explained it. Downward pointing, huh? Must have had a reason for that!

  3. Very interesting- and a great description. I've never seen anything like it... then again, we don't have many Victorian graveyards around here.

  4. A wonderful series of photos and very interesting. I old cemeteries and recently explored a few around this area.
    Sunny :)