Monday, March 16, 2009

Navigational Aids #196

This is a reconstruction of the lighthouse at the mouth of the LaHave River . It is now a museum.


  1. Ah John don't go into a museum, you will have trouble escaping, that's why I don't go into secondhand shops, or talk to rag and bone merchants. Top photo, the shingles are a treat.

  2. I love the perspective of this shot and the thin white clouds above the lighthouse. Very nice.

  3. Great perspective and great red trim!

  4. Beautifully composed. Great colors.

  5. I really like the perspective you took on this and the greys against the blue is lovely.

  6. Wonderful photo, love the color contrasts.

  7. John, you have been TAGGED!

    Madelaine tagged me and here are the rules:
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    I hope you join us in this adventure.