Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Food Glorious Food #106

It's been snowing all day so I stayed inside and got out my favourite Baked Bean recipe.


  1. Oh yum, can we come for dinner?? My mouth is watering now!

  2. woodstove on...baking beans-->perfect for a snowy day!

  3. That looks really good. Are you going to share your recipe with us?

  4. Now you know what the rules are!! 1. all food shower's must share the secret recipe. Great shot.

  5. Everytime I look at this picture, the only thing I can think about is : "oh ! We had a dish just like this one, at home, when I was a little girl"...

    Everytime I look at this picture, I smell the sweet flavour of childhood...

    But I also think that it is a strange thing indeed to have exactly the same dishes from both part of that gigantic ocean...

    I share a lot, when I come here...

    I love your work.

  6. Great job, now 20 others are all making baked beans across the world, LOL. Great job loos delicious.