Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurricane Bill

We seem to have missed any serious damage from Hurricane Bill. I had intended to stand in the same places I had been when I had taken the photos on Friday and Saturday but that was impossible. The waves were incredible.
The top picture is Crescent Beach ..No Bathers today!
The second is Cherry Hill minus the surfers.
The third is overlooking Broadcove
We spoke to an Australian surfer who was watching the water with us and he said " We call that Death on a Stick, Mate.
The Bottom picture is Dublin Bay in front of our house. It doesn't look so soothing or mirror like today.


  1. Thank heavens for small mercies. Great shots!

  2. Excellent pictures. No serious damage is a blessing!
    Sunny :)

  3. I am glad you made it through the storm safely! These pics of the huge waves are incredible, really nice shots!

  4. We were lucky the storm wasn't any closer. A few sea creatures were washed ashore but I conducted a proper ceremony for them with boiling waters and melted butter.

  5. I glad the worst of the storm missed you. You got some fabulous photographs of the storm. I'm sorry I missed your proper ceremony!!

  6. Great Job on these Shots.. Glad your ok.